Title Picture - Skincare Routine - The Basics

Ya Gotta Start Somewhere

With a skincare routine, there’s usually a lot of steps involved. I know some people are like, “omg, so many steps — the horror! — who has time for all that?” but if you use all the steps, the next thing you know, someone will say in shock, “there’s no way you’re THAT old, you’re lookin’ GOOD, girl!”
So – here we go…

Step #1: Wash that face!

Graphic of a woman washing her face.

The first step in your skincare routine is all about getting all that yuck off!

Step #2: Tone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Graphic of a woman using toner.

The second step in your new skincare routine is to use a toner. I will admit that I have skipped this step in the past. Ya gotta wait for it to dry, so annoying! Girl, just brush your teeth while you wait. Multitask like the champion you are! Here are some of the benefits of using a toner and I have directly experienced smaller pores with recent consistent toner use.

Step #3: Serum.

This is honestly SUCH a great step to target any of your skin issues during your skincare routine. Do you feel like you have dull skin? Add a brightening serum to your routine. Do you feel like you have some redness or discoloring? Add a serum that helps address that. Whatever you want to help resolve, add a serum for it!

Step #4: EYE. CREAM.

Don’t. You. Ever. Skip. This. Step. Did you use a micellular water this morning because you’re hung over and don’t want to dip your head toward the sink? All good. Did you skip all the other steps because you literally had to run out the door today because you were late for something? Yep, no big deal. But don’t skip the eye cream in your brand new skincare routine. In a few years, when you have no discoloration under your eyes, and everybody you know is lookin’ all raccoon, you’ll thank me.

Step #5: Moisturize.

Graphic of a woman adding moisturizer to her face.

The last step in your this fabulous skincare routine is so important, it makes you feel great. Get one specific to your skin type. Do you have oily skin? Pick a lighter one. Do you have dry, pick a thick, heavy one to hydrate your thirsty skin.

Step #6: SPF.

What we know these days is that the sun ages you!!! Don’t be afraid of it, just place your SPF at the end of you skincare routine and you’re all good!!

These 6 steps really aren’t all that hard! Make it a priority and your makeup routine will eventually become nonexistent! If you’re convinced you’re going all in on a full routine, see my post, 7 Super Great Starter Skincare Routines to pick one I’ve already built out for you!

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Byeeeeeeeeeeee! <3 Dinah