Meet Dinah

Who am I?

Hello, Hello! What’s up! I’m Dinah <3 I’m 32! I live in Louisville, KY with my husband, toddler son, 4 dogs and Josh, the cat. Accountant by day, Blogger by night (and early mornings). I work well with numbers which is why you’ll see a lot of listicles around here, but I really SHINE when I talk about skincare. Skincare is my jam!

What do I believe?

I believe we should all feel good in our skin.

Have you ever dragged your skin to your ultra bff and they then, in turn, open up about how they truly feel about their own skin? “I hate this, I hate that. I have lines, I have these…” etc etc etc. We literally all do it. Every single one of us. Any time I mention to someone that I’m doing this skincare blog, the response is always excitement, that is then immediately followed up with what they hate about their skin. “My skin is dry.” “I have this weird rosacea now.” “I wish I could go out without makeup on.” Or whatever their specific skin issue is.

We all have some insecurity when it comes to our face, right? But what if you could feel super good about it *most* of the time? Our skin can’t be flawless 24/7, I mean, hormones, am I right?! But what if you could slowly start to improve your skin?

Why I’m Here

My whole life, when someone complained about their skin, I wasn’t able to help and it really bothered me. Now, I feel called to help everyone. Again, I believe we should all feel good in our skin. I want you to feel AMAZING next time you go out for drinks with your friends and get carded for the first time in what feels like forever.

Look young, feel young, be young well past your 21st birthday. Join this movement I’ve started and let’s go get you carded when ya order a drink!

<3 Dinah