Product in the Spotlight: September 2021

Paula’s Choice CLINICAL Ultra-Rich Face Moisturizer

Picture of Paula's Choice Ultra-Rich Face Moisturizer
Credit: Amazon

Ok, so this is a decent little product right here. This ultra-rich moisturizer is for my ultra dry skin peeps. Paula’s Choice markets this as an “oasis of moisture for thirsty parched skin” and if the image of an oasis in the desert isn’t enough to make you want to buy this, these details will!

If you want 12 hours of moisture, an ingredient list full of plant oils and butters and a product with a ton of reviewers saying it helped their incredibly dry AND sensitive skin, this is your new moisturizer. Get it on your face right now.

Just look at this ingredient list!! It isn’t the whole list but you know you’re going to be feeling some moisture after putting all these on your face!!
1. Shea Butter
2. Mango Butter
3. Coconut Oil
4. Jojoba Butter
5. Avocado Oil
6. Soybean Oil
7. Rice Oil
8. Oat Extract
9. 3 Ceramides: NP, AP & EOP
10. Squalene
11. Vitamin E
12. Vitamin B5

You’ll have to go check out all the great reviews too. Users say it’s lightweight but packs a real moisturizing punch for those with very dry skin. Some users noted that it helped them with extra dryness after starting to use retinols.

Getch you some oasis-type feelins up in your skincare routine.

Enjoy your day, you lovely lady!
Dinah 🙂

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