Drunk Elephant Littles 4.0 Review Series – BesteTM No. 9 Jelly Cleanser

Picture of product being reviewed:  Drunk Elephant Beste No. Jelly Cleanser
Credit: Amazon
Purpose: cleanser washes dirt, makeup, sunscreen and oil off
Best For: all skin types
How to Use: squeeze out of tube, add water to lather, massage all over face and then rinse off
Price: $32
Size: 5 fl oz
Key Ingredients According to Drunk Elephant:
  1. A mild surfactant blend to dissolve makeup, sunscreen and oils while supporting a healthy skin barrier.
  2. Glycerin to help replenish hydration levels.
  3. Cantaloupe fruit extract to help soothe and hydrate.
  4. Virgin Marula Oil to boost the cleansing and make-up removal power.
Some Great Reviews on Amazon:
Dinah’s Experience Using Drunk Elephant BesteTM No. 9 Jelly Cleanser

When I first washed my face with this cleanser, I thought it was super nice. My face felt clean but not stripped completely dry. I was washing my face at night, but I didn’t have any makeup on. I just needed to wash off the day, so to speak, and it definitely did that.

Then, I was like, ok, this cleanser is known for being what can only be described as magical when it comes to removing makeup, and I had to test that out. I don’t wear much makeup, right but what’s the one makeup item that’s the hardest to scrub off your face? MASCARA. You can wash and wash and wash and still have that black stuff making you look like a raccoon. So I put mascara on one day and here were my results…

This cleanser literally dissolved the mascara I had on. I didn’t use any kind of makeup remover before washing, I just washed my face like normal. I DID spend about 30 extra seconds gently massaging my eye lashes because I was in denial it would work at all. Let me tell you, when I rinsed it all off, I didn’t have a trace of mascara or any black streaks whatsoever!!!!!!! Holy cow!!

Is it worth the price?

I’m going to answer this question with a couple questions because this is a complex question for a cleanser and the answer varies for different people.

What’s you budget? If you watched my Morning Skincare Routine YouTube video back in August 2021, you know I use the CeraVe Foaming Facial Wash on the reg. I like using a budget cleanser so that I can splurge more on my serums and eye creams. If your budget can open up to include this fabulous cleanser, I absolutely recommend it.

What do you need to wash off? If you wear makeup every single day, I would not recommend a less expensive drugstore cleanser because they won’t help you with removing that makeup as well. You’ll have to spend extra time with your oil based makeup remover and a cotton ball, scraping and rubbing at your eyes for way too long — but if you had this wash, you could simply wash it off…IMAGINE IT!!

Do you wash your face twice a day? Like I mentioned in my Intro Video to this Review Series, Drunk Elephant doesn’t think you need to wash your face in the mornings. My lifestyle and skin doesn’t allow for this reduction in washing but if yours does, maybe you only need to use this half as much and the bottle will last twice as long!!

Did Dinah add this cleanser to her routine?

I did NOT add it to my daily routine, however I will keep a sample/trial size on hand at all times. I wear makeup so infrequently, but when I do, I use this cleanser to take it all off. Also, if you haven’t seen those CeraVe bottles, they’re huge. Can you travel with those giant 16 ounce bottles? Sure. Do you want to? No, nobody wants to. I’ll take this smaller Drunk Elephant cleanser with me when I travel.